Philharmonic Loudspeakers

Does the perfect loudspeaker exist?

Does the perfect musician exist? – No.

Are there musical performances so breathtaking that you’ll remember them for the rest of your life? – Yes

Are there concerts that are so euphonically immersive that you forget everything around you? – Yes

Are some loudspeakers better than others? – Yes

Are there loudspeakers you would want to take home to explore as much music as possible?

Yes – The Philharmonic Loudspeakers.

Is there something special about the Philharmonic Speakers? Yes, performance as close to reality as possible. This is not a coincidence but the result of almost three decades of work with the aim to build the perfect loudspeaker. In principle, designing speakers is easy, which is why so many people see themselves as potential speaker designers. Even developing good ones is feasible provided enough experience and technical equipment. However, building outstanding loudspeakers demands a level of skill, dedication, readiness to make sacrifices, passion and stamina that only very few possess.

Hear crystal clear musical detail

The soul of music is based on refinement. A Mahler symphony or Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite thrives on special instruments and the skill of the musicians. The Philharmonic Loudspeakers don’t miss a thing. This even includes background noises. You may be able to hear inadvertently recorded sounds e.g., passing traffic or the slamming of a door. 

Distinguish sound characteristics

Well trained singers put a great deal of effort into perfecting the sonic characteristics and expressiveness of their voices. In Schubert’s Erlkönig the artist has to assume three different roles: as narrator, father and Erlkönig himself. Or think of the wide variety of sounds a violin is capable of creating. Hear for yourself how the Philharmonic Loudspeakers faithfully reproduce every nuance. 

Three-dimensional soundstage

The ability to create a realistic soundstage is another hallmark of the Philharmonic Speakers. This was a particular focus during the development of the speakers. You can hear the precise position of every instrument on the sonic stage in front of you. There are speakers with a “nice” sound, but which lack these qualities and therefore cannot deliver the experience of a live concert. The combination of clarity, fidelity and correct acoustic three-dimensionality united in the Philharmonic Loudspeakers will make it hard to distinguish between recording and live performance, if given an appropriately high-quality recording. 

Can a loudspeaker sound crystal clear?

People who listen to the Philharmonic Loudspeakers often point out the clarity of the sound. This is not bought by straining after effect e.g., by emphasis of certain frequencies. In fact, the Philharmonic Speakers are well-balanced to provide listening pleasure also in the long run.

Sound: As close to reality as possible

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As close to realty as possible

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