Noble desktop speaker


The DT1 sets itself apart from standard desktop speakers by its appearance already. Instead of duroplastic material the DT1 exhibits a 2 cm thick handmade marble cabinet as well as front sheets and rear sheets from stainless steel.

The DT1 not only looks good, but it sounds good as well. It is designed for a pleasant listening experience at your desktop without a woofer. Being a Philharmonic Loudspeaker, it is endowed with a corrective network to ensure a well-balanced frequency response. Like all other Philharmonic Loudspeakers, it is also equipped with high-end gold-plated binding posts.

Being a passive speaker, the DT1 needs to be driven by an external amplifier. This might be a “desktop amplifier” or for better sound a “real” HiFi amplifier.

Height x Width x Depth = 22 cm x 14 cm x 19 cm
Weight: 8,0 kg

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