A born music lover

Some people do not feel drawn to music. They don’t seem to have an instinctual sense for this most beautiful of arts. Others cannot imagine a life without music. I certainly belong to the second category.

This might be because:

  • My parents enjoyed music very much and listened to it a lot.
  • My grandmother had exceptionally good hearing, better than most young people even at a very old age, and fortunately she passed some of these genes on to me.
  • I have had the opportunity to own or listen to better speakers than most people.

In my youth, I listened exclusively to classical music. As time went on, I extended my horizons and I now enjoy many music styles. When testing my speakers, I can pick from hundreds of CDs, SACDs and vinyl records.

Despite having one of the finest stereo systems available at home, attending live concerts is important to me. Whenever possible, I attend several performances of the Berlin Philharmonic each year, which enhances my ability to judge speakers.

The development

It all started with project III

For one of my student research projects I suggested the topic: “Thesis on polymers in concrete and loudspeaker cabinets from epoxy modified concrete” which was accepted by my professor. For this project I designed my first loudspeaker, which far exceeded my expectations and is still in use today. At that time someone assisted me in choosing the driver units and in designing the crossover network. Nevertheless, this speaker already exhibits characteristics typical for the Philharmonic Speakers: drivers of the finest quality and a cabinet made of cast material.
The exceptional sound of this prototype was so convincing that a friend suggested that I should offer speakers of this kind for sale in the future.

The quest begins

Now the race for the perfect loudspeaker began. At first not very effectively. A lot of prototyping was done and due to crossover networks based on calculations done on paper these early designs had to be dismissed. The situation changed for the better as soon as I began to study the technical literature and took advantage of advanced measurement equipment and computer simulations. Also, I became a frequent guest at one of Europe’s biggest anechoic rooms.

Gale force thrills

A first highlight was undoubtedly Gale Force I, a 2-way floor-standing loudspeaker. Gale Force I was followed by Gale Force II and III, speakers so good that people could not understand that my search for even better models went on.
Finally in 2019 the Konzertina was the first Philharmonic Loudspeaker ready for sale,
followed in 2020 by the Celesta, a loudspeaker that sets a new standard in my opinion.

Music as passion



Projekt III


Development of compact speakers with cabinets of polymer-reinforced concrete


Several kits from specialist journals realized


Shuttering design for floor standing loudspeaker with concrete cabinet


Testing of several reinforcements


Shuttering concept for front sheets and rear sheets of concrete


Professional measurement equipment / computer simulations


Concept for an inflatable shuttering solution


Gale Force I


Sophisticated shuttering concept for cabinets made of concrete


Gale Force II


Gale Force III






DT1, Angelica under construction

Have I piqued your interest?


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